Monday, 18 January 2016

Bhagya Disha: Best Astrology farmers in Bangalore.

Pardeep Kumar is well known astrologer from bangalore(india). He is providing vastu and astrology related services since 2001. Being an astrologer and vastu consultant,he use to visit throughout india time to time and solve people's problem by telling simple,effective and less expensive remedies. He has been awarded by jyotish ratna,jyotish bhushan,jyotish prabhakar and jyotish gorav by astrological societies. Predictions for a person without birth data is his speciality. Analysing thumb impression to peep into future is another milestone in astrology by pardeep kumar. He has been a horoscope writer in foreign based magazine as well as an online astrologer for a radio station in australia. He has thousands of satisfied clients in india and foreign as well. People of all faiths visit to pardeep ji for counselling and for astrological consultations.His motive is to make most accurate predictions to his clients and turn people's faith towards authentic vedic astrology.

Our services

Kundli Reading:-
If you are facing any difficulty regarding your business,career,promotion,health,marriage,children or any aspect of your life and you have your birth details then this service is for you.Besides this,for general interpretations also you can adopt this service.
Thumb Impression Reading:-
In case you don't have your birth data,then you can go for this service. Quaries of any matter will be answered in this by analysing your thumb impression.Report will be as accurate as horoscope's.
Kundli Matching:-
Under this service,kundlis are matched for boy and girl for marriage.If there is any dosh or negative effect of planets in family life,that is also told.Possibility of marriage with this boy or girl will also be told with gun milan.In case you don't have birth data,please provide us thumb impressions of both or atleast names.
Vastu Consultation:-
you can show the site,house,factory,shop or any building plan to the astrologer.Appropriate advice and remedies(if any)will be given.You may know how that construction would be for you in future or will it be beneficial or not ?
you may know about your lucky gemstone by which you can have positivity in your life.Gemstones are available at genuine price.
Varshphal or Annual Report:-
Report for complete one year will be provided in days and months.If you are planning to invest your money in commodity or share market then you may be benefited by this.besides this,annual report can be prepared for any other matter also.Remedies will also be suggested.
The psychic number reveals the way how you look at yourself and how the planets influence your mind. This number represents what you really want to be and it defines your basic predispositions, attitudes, and desires in areas such as food, friendship, and marriage. This number remains active throughout one's life and is very powerful up to the age of 35 - 40.
Palmistry is a branch of occult science, which deals with the comprehensive study of the palm-prints to get the idea of future happenings in life. Palmistry is another proof which champions that everybody has a different life, because we all have different palm prints.
Kundli making:-
If you want your birth chart to be prepared by us with interpretations and remedies,hand made kundli will be provided in english or hindi language.Topics like education,career,health,finance,family life,marriage and age will be covered along with your lucky colors,lucky signs,lucky weekdays etc.

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